Welcome to the Island of Tortuga

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to Tortuga Island Tours, where all of your Pirate Fantasies come true. We have quite a variety of Living Quarters for aspiring Buccaneers - from the Captain's Quarters to the lowest bowels of the Ship. Pick your package from Captain, First Mate, Scallywag, or Wench, and we'll ensure you're treated "accordingly". When it comes to Grub & Grog, we will spare no expense. We have a fine selection of Rum, and if you're lucky, the cook will serve you up a hearty helping of our "World Famous" Kracken Stew.

When it comes to Pirate Adventures, we've got you covered! You'll start your tour with a Dinner Cruise aboard the Black Pearl, hosted by the "infamous" Captain Jack Sparrow himself. The following evening you'll have an opportunity to Pillage & Plunder the British Port Royal, where you can keep half of any Loot you "acquire." After celebrating, with a bit too much Grog, you'll wake up to find that the East India Trading Company is chasing you down and experience an incredible Battle at Sea. Once the British are defeated, your ship will be swallowed up by an enormous whirlpool, dragging you down to the bottom of the sea to meet Davy Jones. Escaping from the "locker", you'll set sail on a Treasure Hunt with a map you procured from Davy Jones while he was sleeping. Treasure in hand, you'll return to Tortuga Island to attend a Wench Auction. The following day, you'll have 24 hours of "Shore Leave" to spend with your Wenches as you please.

Before your Adventure comes to an end, be sure to visit our Gift Shop and pick up some Swag to take home to your friends and relatives. We have everything from Souvenirs to T-Shirts, Rum, and Jolly Rogers. Sign up NOW for the Adventure of a Lifetime, and don't upset the Captain lest you end up in the Crow's Nest... Arrr!

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have, and if you'd like to practice being a Pirate before you begin your tour, try out your skills as a Swashbuckler at Pirates of the Caribbean Online.