Pirate Adventures

When it comes to Pirate Adventures, we've got you covered! You'll start your tour with a Dinner Cruise aboard the Black Pearl, hosted by the "infamous" Captain Jack Sparrow himself. The following evening you'll have an opportunity to Pillage & Plunder the British Port Royal, where you can keep half of any Loot you "acquire." After celebrating, with a bit too much Grog, you'll wake up to find that the East India Trading Company is chasing you down and experience an incredible Battle at Sea. Once the British are defeated, your ship will be swallowed up by an enormous whirlpool, dragging you down to the bottom of the sea to meet Davy Jones. Escaping from the "Locker", you'll set sail on a Treasure Hunt with a map you procured from Davy Jones while he was sleeping. Treasure in hand, you'll return to Tortuga Island to attend a Wench Auction. The following day, you'll have 24 hours of "Shore Leave" to spend with your Wenches as you please.

NOTE: All Pirate Adventures are subject to "change" at the Captain's discretion due to inclement weather, or other "unforeseen" circumstances...
Gift Shop Prepare to be Boarded!
Mon Dinner Cruise Dinner Cruise  Take a Dinner Cruise aboard the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow!
Tue Pillage a Village Village Pillage  Pillage the Village at Port Royal and keep half of your Plundered Loot!
Wed Pirate Battle Pirate Battle  Experience a Pirate Battle against the East India Trading Company!
Thu Davy Jones Davy Jones  Grab some Rum and take a Terrifying Voyage to Davy Jone's Locker!
Fri Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt  Go on an Exciting Treasure Hunt with a Scurvy Bunch of Scallywags!
Sat Wench Auction Wench Auction  Spend your Ill-Gotten Gains by purchasing a few Wenches at Auction!
Sun Shore Leave Shore Leave  Enjoy some Peace and Quiet while on Shore Leave... If you can!